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Hey there! I'm Bytewave.

I make things and break things.

... Mostly break things.

I'm a self-taught programmer with experience in Lua and PHP, and I've dabbled in CSS and Javascript. I'm also a high school engineering student with big ambitions. :) ~ %

Oh, yeah. I also help my friend Alex with a little software group we call Book Horse Software. :D

I also have a blog if you want to check that out. ~ %

  • sleeti - a file sharing website written in MVC PHP (uses Slim 3, Twig, and Eloquent)
  • SGRF - a Garry's Mod Steam group rewards toolkit for developers
  • Randibooru - a Discord bot experiment that pulls random images from Derpibooru
  • Coolbooru! - a C# wrapper for the Derpibooru API ~ %

Copyright © Eliot Partridge, 2016-17. Licensed under CC 4.0. ~ %